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Sierra is a company founded on innovative approaches to security. Since 1995, through a heritage converging the most sensitive corrections and detention facilities, our specialty is bridging the critical physical security with the data that expands your abilities from tactical to analytical, from prevention to anticipation. Our commitment is to our customers, working to engineer the most comprehensive technologies and products in the market.


We create critical, integrated systems that serve as your senses. Our interactive and responsive network of biometrics, CCTV, intercoms, duress alarms, access solutions, touchscreen controls and detention equipment are all fine-tuned to every detail. And how we get there with you is no high-tech offering, it's through good, old-fashioned listening, collaborating, and expert problem-solving. We are standard-setters, trusted by our customers to find new answers always based in thoroughly proven concepts.



Sierra Detention Systems' experts are among the longest tenured in the industry. Let us use our history in upgrading legacy systems to make yours a facility of the future. 

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